Experiences That Matter

We aspire to develop a strong business chain to enable the rise of outstanding entrepreneurs towards building a progressive nation

About Us

For the past 10 years, we are a major player in the F&B industry in Peninsula Malaysia and now we are expanded our business into other fields and strived to become the industry leader.

Our Business

Today the IRKAZ Group of Companies has active interest in 4 primary sectors of economy namely F&B, Trading, Oil & Gas and Construction


We can help solve your business problems with our expertise.

Short Response Times

We aim to reply to all incoming queries within just an hour. We are also big in getting honest customer feedback looking to improve our customer’s experience.

Progress Monitoring
and Reporting

Project monitoring and routinely collect information related to all aspects of the project, observe and record activities that occur within.

Budget Utilisation

We invested time to create and manage budgets, prepare and review plans and regularly monitor budgets and performance.

Systematic Approach

We have a solution to resolved and fixing our clients problem with our systematic approach.

Industry Recognisation

We have achieved industry recognition in providing high-quality solutions to our customers

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