Moving Forward

To succeed we have to work harder and ready for the upcoming obstacle. We are ready to step forward by expanding our business by investing in assets and expertise to drive best practices and highest standards.


We are a leader in the halal food industry in the region. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we recognize strong requirements and stances to provide services based on halal food standards with a strong supply chain to enforce effectiveness and efficiency in satisfying consumers with food hygiene, quality and assurance of food based on nutritional standards as defined by the principles of continuous improvement.

By investing in resources and deep expertise to drive best practices, adhere to the highest standards and ongoing improvements, we train a disciplined team to pay attention to the smallest detail and strive to be the premier company that produces great food, but also for a safe and healthy, produced in a sustainable and ethical manner.

Irkaz Builders Sdn Bhd is a full-service general contracting company, serving residential and commercial clients in this region. We have earned a reputation for executing visionary design through the realities of construction and forging longstanding client relationships. We offer services including ground-up construction, design-build, remodels and additions, hardscape/landscape and other speciality building.

We pride itself on seamless integration of design and construction, bringing experienced subcontractors to each project with a mission to deliver ahead of schedule, an exceptional level of quality and maintains the highest standards in the building industry. We implement leading-edge construction methods, tools, materials and techniques that meet the safety requirement and ever-developing environmental demands.

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